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Exalting Jesus through a biblical understanding of God’s purposes so that we can partner with His plan for Israel and the nations.

OneKing exists to help give the church understanding of God’s purposes for Israel and the nations so that we can engage in God’s purposes in our generation.

Things that were inconceivable a few years ago are now the new normal, and the shifts happening in the earth are going to accelerate in the years ahead providing the church with unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

We live in a time of unprecedented access to the Word of God. We have more access to Scripture on our smartphones than anyone in the Bible ever had.

Worship and prayer is increasing dramatically in the nations. There is more prayer and singing happening now than at any other time in history.

There is a shift in global focus back to the region where God first began His work among Israel and the nations. For the first time in two thousand years Israel is a nation again.

The gospel is being proclaimed throughout the nations. It is possible the gospel could be proclaimed to all people within a generation.

What Jesus did on the cross is unparalleled, but it did not fulfill all the promises of God. It secured them. The most dramatic days in history are still ahead of us.

God is moving the nations towards His great and glorious goal: the return of His Son.

The Bible says has a lot to say about where history is going. We must grasp what is says so we can view our world through a Jesus-centered, gospel-saturated lens and partner with God in His majestic plan to glorify His Son.

Our aim is to help people understand and engage with His glorious plan.

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