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It Must Be Finished Video Course

The It Must Be Finished video course includes ten sessions to help you better grasp the story of God. The course is designed to for the book It Must Be Finished. 

This course will help you:

  • Better grasp the story of the Bible.
  • Understand how the story of the Bible sets the stage for the return of Jesus.
  • Approach the return of Jesus from a gospel-centered perspective.
  • Grow in confidence in what the the Bible says about Jesus' return and the end times.

The course includes material that is suitable for personal study as well as small group studies in a local church or in any other small group.

The course includes:

  • Teaching Videos
  • Downloadable Study Guides
  • Discussion Questions
  • Review Material
  • Scripture Meditations
  • Prayer Focuses

There are two ways to enroll in the course:

  • Online Only: This includes all course material. Teaching videos are available via streaming.
  • Online plus Video Downloads: This includes all course material plus an option to download the teaching videos so they can be used without internet access. 

We are committed to making our content available for those who want to study the Word. If you would like to access our teaching materials but the cost is prohibitive, please contact us for discounts.

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